more about axolotls

What if you told someone that there was a mysterious creature in the world that:

Mexican Axolotl


1. never grows up
2. can regenerate body parts
3. is so rare only a few people have seen it in person and it only lives in one part of the world
4. lives underwater but has a scarily human-like smile on its face

Most people would say that you are crazy. Regrows body parts??? really??? never grows up??? (you mean like peter pan…????) Noone would believe you. But this creature actually does exist and is real!!

The creature is called the Axolotl. It is a creature from Mexico, specifically from the Xochimilco area which is in Central Mexico and is only native to two lakes there – Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco. It is so rare that it is said that there are somewhere between just 700 – 1200 of the Mexican Axolotls left in the world – which means that within the blink of an eye these creatures can go extinct and be the stuff of legends…



What is an Axolotl?

Scientists consider the Axolotl to be a type of juvenile (aka neotenic) salamander. They believe that this type of salamander does not undergo metamorphisis, but rather stays in a larval state its whole life. In other words, these creatures actually, literally, never grow up.

Regenerating Body Parts

The Axolotl has an incredible healing ability and can regrow entire limbs and even some body parts if they are cut off! If a limb is cut off it actually even sometimes grows a “spare” limb, just as a safety measure!

This creature and the unbelievable qualities it possesses and its incredibly unusual appearance is a good reminder that there are plenty of real creatures out there that are far more unusual than you would ever think possible…


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