Last night I had a bad dream that there was a haunted school and a forest of trees. and I went over ,there were about three kids gathering around staring at a bunch of weird animals. there was also massage shop and it was full of red and black satin (like spiderman). And that I saw the back of a spiderman mask. Well I was right. Just then i turned around and saw a lady wearing a black dress and a spiderman mask. I was so freaked out I wanted  SCREAM MY HEAD OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I started hesitating and my mom said that we could go to the library to calm my nerves. But when we got there I saw two men in full length spiderman costumes I fainted. I ran to a bunch of different classes but all of them were locked. Then I noticed a maze it was tricky at the first corner there was a man dressed in a spiderman costume, and around the other corner… another spiderman! And another…and another…and another…and…well…you get the point. So when FINALLY got to the middle of the maze…guess what I saw. About 90 men in spiderman costumes. I screamed so loud in my dream my throat felt raw while I was asleep . That will be a dream I will never forget.

Now ,this  morning when I woke-up in my library I kept picturing spiderman heads popping up from nowhere. And I thought I saw a red and black shadow coming towards me so I screamed.



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